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Project ID 150105
Thematic Priority Safeguarding the Environment
Total budget USD 18,000,000
Timeframe July 2018 – July 2023
Project site Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine
Donor(s) Global Environment Facility

Project objectives

The regional demonstration project covers the whole scope of issues related to hazardous waste treatment in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine aiming at supporting the participating countries in fulfilling their commitments under the Montreal Protocol and Stockholm Convention.

The project creates conditions and opportunities for efficient and environmentally sound destruction of ozone-depleting substances (ODS) and persistent organic pollutants (POP).


Accumulation of hazardous wastes — including those containing ODSs and POPs — is a serious challenge for developing countries and countries with economies in transition. Lacking efficient waste treatment programme entails noncompliance with international commitments of these countries and poses a threat to the environment and people health.

Innovations for the project

The project demonstrates applicability of the same technology for destroying ODSs and POPs.

Project components

The scope of the project covers several aspects:

  • Creation of the national regulatory framework for management and disposal of hazardous wastes
  • Organization of the regional network of national sub-networks for disposal of ODSs, PCBs and POPs
  • Facilitation to building up facilities for disposal of end-of-life refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners with recovery and collection of ODS for further destruction
  • Building up of efficient and environmentally safe ODS and POP destruction facilities
  • Project monitoring and evaluation

Social responsibility

The implementation of the project will have positive impact on the social and economic sphere, promote gender inclusion, and reduce harm to the environment.

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